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    Hi all, Since the new version came out when I go to Customize Metadata all the presets I have made have the Date Created set as 8/29. This means that the Calendar panel shows all my shoots to have happened on 8/29. I can't seem to get rid of that field.I uncheck it as in the second screenshot but it just comes back. Can anyone help? I could just remake all my presets but I'd rather not if possible.

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    This happened to me as well. I had run one of my metadata presets to add to the IPTC fields and it actually changed the create date on all the photos I applied the preset to. As this was a preset I had used in Ultimate 10 and then moved to the new version via Regedit, it changed the create date to November 2016, probably the date I created the preset. It also changed the database date.

    I tried recreating the preset and it then changed the create date to today.

    I do have a preset which adds copyright info when I import photos and that does not appear to cause any problems with the date.

    Looks like a bad bug which prevents using the metadata presets being used in the Metadata pane.


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      Yeah. This is a big problem. Can anyone from ACDSee acknowledge this?


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        I'm sure this is a bug - Support has been notified. If you know how to use regedit.exe, here's how you can fix your custom presets while waiting for the bug fix:

        Using regedit.exe find your presets in the Registry, and for each preset, change "Enabled" from "1" to "0" for the fields: BatchSetMetadataDBDateTime and BatchSetMetadataIptcDateCreated. For Ultimate 2018 you will find your presets in: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACD Systems\ACDSee Ultimate\110\BatchSetMetadata\Templates

        Once you have fixed your presets, do not re-save them in Manage Presets else the problem will come back.

        Note: The above instructions are for Windows 7, I'm not sure if things are different on Windows 10.


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          Robert, I applied this fix in Windows 10 and it worked. The steps are identical.



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            I can't seem to get that to work as I'm not seeing what to change. Can you help?


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              Originally posted by PhilRose View Post
              I can't seem to get that to work as I'm not seeing what to change. Can you help?
              Hi Phil, right click on your Model Studio Protrait entry and select Expand. You should see 3 more entries: BatchSetMetadataDBDateTime, BatchSetMetadataIptcDateCreated, and BatchSetMetadataIptcReleaseDate. Select one of them and then double click on the Enabled key on the right side. Change the value data to 0. Do the same thing for all 3 entries. Close the registry editor and restart ACDSee. If you do not edit your Model Studio Protrait in Ultimate 2018 again, your Model Studio Protrait preset should be fixed. You can apply the same fix to all other presets. Hope that helps. Thanks.


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                ACD has recognized the problem and now working on a fix. I sincerely apologize for this bug that was unfortunately introduced late in the development of ACDSee 2018.

                ACD plans to release an update next week or ASAP to address this problem.

                Will keep you posted and once again, I sincerely apologize for this bug.

                Thank you,


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                  Thanks for that but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I c hanged it like this but, when I use it on an image the Date Created field is still filled. I guess I'll just wait for the fix which I hope won't take too long.


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                    Little bugs that will be fixed "shortly" (and I'm sure they will be) are why I'm not in a rush to upgrade to the latest and greatest. It appears U2018 has significant improvement over U10 but not so good as to disrupt an established workflow until these issues are worked out. (This is not unique to ACDSee; many software programs suffer the same issues upon a new release. I consider new releases to be late-stage beta versions. Actually, I've found ACDSee suffers fewer of these new release issues than many other programs (I just ran across my 3.5" disk version of ACDSee) ... but the point remains. I've yet to leave Win7 and would go to Linux Mint over Win10 if ACDSee had a Linux version)