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  • Another Edit issue

    Take an image from Manage to Develop. Develop it as you like. Go from Develop to Edit. Make some changes (or don't even!) Decide you don't like those changes. Hit cancel to go back to Manage mode and you lose all the changes you made in Develop mode. If you go from Edit back to Develop it retains the changes as you would hope. I assume this is tied into the Plugin issue but it really needs to be addressed.

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    I found it annoying to until I reframed my mental model on what each of the three buttons do. YMMV...Here is what I had to do...

    Save As [stays the same]
    Cancel = Cancel all Edit mode and Develop Mode changes and return to Manage mode without any changes to the image
    Discard Edits = Discard Edit mode changes and return to Develop Mode

    ​I now kinda' like those three options.... but I can also see see how a 4th button may be helpful...
    ​[button_4] = Discard edits from Edit Mode, Perform "Done" function of Develop mode... return to Manage Mode

    (​Note: I do not have a good name for the 4th button.)


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      When I was trialing Ultimate 10, I was having a hard time with this concept of not being able to just go into Edit mode without hitting "done" . I was so used to another program that just saves the develop edits when you go into Layers I just assumed they would all do it. Luckily one of the forum members took the time to explain it all to me; I didn't purchase 10 as I was waiting to see 11 (Studio). I am now trialing Studio and made the "done" button automatically save so the raw edits are saved. I can't say that one way is better than the other (automatically saving by itself or needing to hit done) as it is just something of a workflow step that just takes getting used to. Some people who use the other software don't like the automatic saving and complain that it should ask them if they want to save so I guess it depends on what someone is looking for.