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file chooser very slow on move file

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  • file chooser very slow on move file

    In Pro, every time I start a “move to folder”, it starts at the top level of explorer, and I have to select drive, then folders, etc.

    This first step (select drive) is very slow (half minute?) – seems like it has to scan the whole tree at that time. After that everything below that is fast.
    But it does not remember where I have navigated to in later runs of the program, so first navigation is again slow.

    By comparison,
    in 2018-standard, it remembers the last place something was saved – and instantly starts there (not at the very top again). But moving to any other sub-folder on the same level (i.e. peer, not child), is again slow (half-minute…). But after that, any place in that sub-folder or below is fast.

    So it seems like either one is very slow on first scanning, and they have different methods for determining (remembering) where to start. ANy ideas how to avoid this, and is it a common experience? I don't recall this ever happening with prior versions.