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AcdSEE Photo Studio Professional license questions

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  • AcdSEE Photo Studio Professional license questions

    Software like Adobe or Corel allows the usage of the product on 2 computers - for example on a desktop and on a laptop. I have questions regarding the ACDSee license:
    - On how many computers can be used the license simultaneously?
    - After exceeding the number of computers limited by the license (for example OS reinstall or simply wanting to move the license from one computer to another) the movement is handled automatically or support has to be contacted?
    - What is te duration of a license? A major version change or lifetime?
    Thank you!

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    Hi icefront.

    According to license agreement, one-seat license code can only be installed and run on one computer. In the shopping cart, you will have the option to purchase a 2nd license with only 50% of the MSRP price.

    Please contact the support if you will need to move the license code from one computer to another. The OS re-installation will not affect the usage of the license.

    The license code is valid for the version of the ACDSee program (e.g Ultimate 2018) that you order. If you decide to upgrade to the next version when it becomes available, e.g. Ultimate 2019, you only pay the upgrade price to upgrade to that new version.

    ACD Customer Care