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  • ACDSee Pro Mac and Mavericks OSX

    Dear ACDSee Users,

    During the past few weeks, our development team has been working hard to try to resolve the issues that have arisen with the latest update to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) when running ACDSee Pro 3 (Mac).

    We are aware that some users have expressed frustration when posting on these forums and on social media. Please do not be concerned that your posts are lost or being ignored, or that no one is reading them. We can promise that they are being read. We hear and understand your frustrations. We are taking the feedback you provide to us and are relaying it to the dev team.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for all your patience as we work to resolve these issues.

    The Team at ACDSee

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    Dear Customers,

    Thank you for your patience! ACD is pleased to announce that an updated version of ACDSee Mac Pro 3 is now available at

    This update fixes the problem with ACDSee Mac Pro 3 running on Mavericks OS 10.9.

    Please note, you need to uninstall your previous version of ACDSee and re-install the new version, ACDSee Mac Pro 3.5 with the license key you received when purchasing. If you are unable to find your license key please contact ACD Customer Support at:

    The ACDSee Team


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      Almost but not quite 100%. Installed ver. 3.5 and it does show "all" photos not previously seen after Mavericks but still has other issues. In Manage Mode some thumbs show in wrong position (landscape / portrait) . When I do right click & rotate right or left sometimes it moves thumb 180 degrees & sometimes it kicks me out of the program. If I go into View Mode , I am able to rotate photo 90 degrees to correct layout but in the bottom pane & when I return to Manage it still show the old position. It never changes!!! This needs to be looked at and I'm only 30 minutes into the new update??? Additionally, the more I use the rotate left or rotate right or try to save the photos under a new file name, it now closes the program and drops me out of ACD and back to my Mac Desktop!!!!!!!
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        16 de noviembre del 2013

        Dear ACDSee Team:

        I have purchased ACDSee Pro 3.1 and my OS is Maverick. Since the application installation, ACDSee Pro 3.1, me two things happen:
        1. The images of my PC are seen instantly and instantly disappear too. There is only a white box with the name underneath.
        2. My iPhone is not detected and there isn't, therefore, not importing images.
        None of those two things happened to me with the previous version, 2.1.
        Can you help me?



        • denismon
          denismon commented
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          Please see the above post # 2 by ACD Customer Service. The update fixes some of the issue but not all.

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        What about an update for Pro 2???? Come on now, it's been over a month, customers paid for it and expect a working product!!
        If we could at least restore the database from Pro 2 on Pro 3 or still embed information in images using Pro 2 it would be good, and we could think about upgrading. But right now I don't see the point, because I'm gonna have to spend hours rebuilding my database from scratch!!!



        • FootFrenzied
          FootFrenzied commented
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          Ditto! All the photos I want to import ACDSEE says are locked, LOCKED is not even clicked. It says they are read only. I went to my settings and unchecked that. Still no luck. I have spent so many hours at this, I am sick of it.

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        I think the issues raised in this thread would fit much better in the ACDSee Pro Mac specific forum, don't you think?


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          Yes Mau you are right. But these issues raised in the ACDsee pro mac section have been left unanswered for some days no... So we try everywhere to get the answer to the same question:


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            Dear Customer,

            Currently we have no plan to update ACDSee Pro 2 Mac. Please contact ACD Customer Care for upgrade options.


            Mark Cosgrove


            • Shumba
              Shumba commented
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              Great! Thanks for taking such care about the customers stuck with a version they paid for that your are not updating!! Now we are forced to move to Pro 3 and of course guess what?? We have to pay again!
              It wouldn't be so bad if at least Pro 3 would recognize the existing data base from Pro 2 but now do I really have to spend days re tagging all my pictures??
              Thanks a lot ACDsee team... Now at least I know I'm considering to use another software!

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            Hi, I am new to the forum but not to ACDsee Pro as I have win versions and now 2 x Mac Versions currently Mac Pro 3.0.122. This represent, over time, a large investment !!

            I see that other contributors to this thread appear to have a later Mac version than I have which is a little strange because the 'Check for updates' indicates I am up to date - I would love to have this one clarified.

            Yes I am running Mavericks and frustrated like others that a working version of Pro 3 is not available as of 26th Nov 2013 - 3.33am (UK). I am especially annoyed because I have received the 'Black Friday' advertisement which indicates that that the developer is, putting it frankly, 'Dumping' a partly working version on the market at $50. This in my opinion is unethical and possibly a criminal act.

            I have many years of experience using this program (AKA - app) and others on different platforms and currently all the progs (apps) that I installed prior to Mavericks are all working fine after the update with the exception ACDSee Pro 3 (Mac).

            I am sorry to vent my frustration in such a forthright way but 'Black Friday' caused me to see RED.

            ps Whilst the developer is fixing the other issues - please could the 'Import' from camera process be fixed as well. Suggest bringing it in line with the Win versions which is fully automated and does not require multiple selection (via a finder type window) to get to ones images. Just copy iPhoto !

            All the best to one & all



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              Mavericks and Latest ACDsee Pro version. I am having issues after completely wiping my drive with the older program and installing the new version. It now reads most picture folders but there are some folders it will read and then quickly shut off.. I can drag the same folder into a virtual windows and have no problem reading with acdsee for windows pro 7.. i have contacted cust support but they have not come up with a solution... ANY THOUGHTS?????


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                Thanks so much for getting the Pro for Mac version working. I did as you pointed out and uninstalled the old software and started fresh. It worked and I now get the thumbnails as I did before the Mavericks update.


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                  Is there somewhere on your site to instruct one as to how to uninstall your program? Also, is the License Key the same as my License Code? Thanks.