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How do I rearrange the order of pictures in my folder?

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  • How do I rearrange the order of pictures in my folder?

    I have just started using ACDSee17 and I was able to move pictures around and change the order in my folder. I did something and now I cannot change the sequence of my pictures in a folder. Before I could select and move it wherever I wanted.

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    If you have a 'filter' on or have 'group' by selected, then you cannot re-order the files.


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      What you talk about is 'Custom Sort'. You can have a folder custom sorted but only if it is a folder included in the database. Excluded folders can not be custom sorted and neither can search results och results created by clicking categories or keywords or ratings etc in the Catalog pane. That also goes for results created by using Filter or Group just as Sam explained.


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        Thanks - that was a much more complete answer.


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          For more modern version of AC:
          The menu option only is available after you've sorted your items.
          To sort the items use drag drop operations.
          Drag drop sorting only is available if
          - the items are allowed to be catalogued (not excluded from db)
          - all displayed items are stored in the same folder (I'm unsure on this)
          - or AC is displaying a single category

          Drag drop sorting is not available for search results. (Create a category and add the items the it, to get around this limitation.)

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