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Workflow question for noob coming from Picasa: how to best "cull" photos?

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  • Workflow question for noob coming from Picasa: how to best "cull" photos?

    Hi all - I'm trying to migrate off Picasa which I have always used as an organizer. So far I think that ACDSee will more than meet my needs.

    However I am trying to understand specifically how to use ACDSee in my workflow to cull photos. In Picasa, it is easy to review your photos full-screen, go from photo to photo with the forward-arrow, and "star" photos with the spacebar. This makes it really really easy to review 5 shots of the same thing and star the one you want to keep (or delete). Then you can review your deletions and cull them out.

    I can't find any good way to perform this workflow step of "culling" in ACDSee. The keyboard can be used to go from photo to photo in View mode, but I can find no way to use the keyboard to group the ones I want to keep / delete. There is a checkbox on the thumbnail, but I must use my mouse to check the box; moreover I can find nothing in the docs about how to use the checkbox once I've checked a bunch of photos.

    I'm sure this is just a growing pain, and that there's a way to use the tool to do what I want. Can anyone help me out? How do you use ACDSee to quickly review all your shots and keep only the best ones?

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    I'm also quite new to ACDSee but hopefully can help out.

    In View mode you can tag images (same as the check box you mention I think) by pressing "" (backslash key). Back in Manage mode you can Select Tagged (drop-down at the top of the thumbnails tab) then delete. I beleive you can also configure keyboard actions to do different functions, but I haven't tried that yet.

    There's discussion about this from users a lot more experienced than me in the ACDSee Ultimate forum