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ACDSee Video Studio V2 and YouTube. Is it a Bad combination?

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  • ACDSee Video Studio V2 and YouTube. Is it a Bad combination?

    I'm in over my head on video. Not sure what's going on here. When I create a video capture in ACDSee Video Studio V2 (or V1, for that matter), the video looks great when played in ACDSee Ultimate 10, and with other local players at full screen, but when I send it to YouTube, the video looks like total crap when displayed on full screen. I can also do video capture with Snagit V13, and while the You Tube quality isn't as high as I would like, it is significantly better than what I can do with Video Studio.

    For what its worth, my system description is:

    Lenovo IdeaCenter Desktop 30020ISH
    Win 10 Home 64 bit OS on 64 bit processor
    i7-6700 CPU @3.4GHz
    12 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GT730 2GB onboard RAm

    Does anyone know what is going on? Is it my YouTube settings? Is it my Video Studio Set up? Is there some universal 'book" or reference material that explains it all? Is this just the wrong machine for video?

    I really want to move into video, but I can't seem to come up with a capture that meets the quality I expect for YouTube.

    Is there software (inexpensive) that works better?
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    I've figured this out, I think. As near as I can tell, Video Studio V1 is simply not capable of producing quality video suitable for YouTube even when I duplicate the settings I got VideoStudio 2 to work well with.

    Forget Visual Studio V1, go with Visual Studio 2. You'll be much happier, I think.

    The default settings, for quality displays are simply wrong for YouTube. You want the Bit Rate to be set to 8000 kbps and the frame rate set to 30kbps. It's a slower finishing and upload process, but your viewers will be able to see the details of your video.

    On the whole, Video Studio 2 isn't significantly different in form and function from Video Studio 1. It now handles 2 channel sound and the screen capture tool has been redesigned and is now a separate from the editor itself; And of course, the operation is very smooth and works.

    Version 3, and V2 now seems good enough that there SHOULD be a v3, needs to be able to save your desired parameters, and maybe a little more detail in the help file. It is kind of sparse. Also, the recorder UI in V2 seems a bit clunky, it could use some streamlining.

    EDIT: It would also be nice if I could save my choice of preset parameters as the default.
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      Slightly off topic... but playing towards nice to haves for v3 thought....
      ​Tech support has also acknowledges that UHD screens are not supported in v1 or v2 (font scaling is not supported, thus higher resolution screen have fonts less than 0.5mm high) . Their response suggests UHD -may- be part of v3. You may want to make sure your recommendations are captured in a tech support /customer care, too.


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        Good points, Gus. But I think if Video Studio is going to be a product that ACDsee wants to actually sell and be considered a viable product when people start looking around for easy to understand video editors, then It also needs its own folder in this forum. Maybe it could share a folder with Video Converter 4 Pro., but up till now, it's been something of a poor stepchild.

        And that was OK when it (V1) wasn't very good and seemed to be there more as a product place holder, but V2 sure makes it look like ACDSee is getting serious about video. And if so, Video Studio needs an easy to find place for people to discuss it.

        I don't have a UHD screen so that issue passed me by, but I agree, that is something that needs to be added.

        It could use a tighter integration with the ACDSee manage tab as well. I've been looking about, and I haven't found any DAM product that both manages video AND edits it. I haven't done any market research on this, but if people think ACDSee Ultimate is a great convenience for still photos, I can't help but wonder if that sort of integration wouldn't be useful for video as well.

        I feel this product is perfect for video newbies like me, who want, and can recognize, relatively high quality production values, but have no idea how to go about achieving it. More help in making decisions in the help file would be greatly appreciated. Maybe they could do what Serif is doing with Affinity and sell a book that provides that decision making help.