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ACDSee Video Studio Audio set up and operational advice

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  • ACDSee Video Studio Audio set up and operational advice

    I encountered an audio problem that I THOUGHT was a problem with Video Studio 2, but which turned out to be a computer set up issue.

    I noticed that the sound coming from the files recorded by the Video Recorder 2 was soft and had frequent drop outs in volume and in the tonality. At first I thought it was a problem unique To the Video recorder/Video Studio, but after trying some other audio recording software, I realized that it was occurring with those programs as well.

    It turns out my Realtek audio card comes with Noise suppression selected as a default. And while it gets rid of extraneous noise pretty well, it can also try to moderate your own voice at times (I have the perfect voice for a mime). When I went to the Realtek control screen, and deselected noise suppression, the drop out problem went away, however I did have a continual white noise background.

    However, by playing with the recording volume and the microphone boost controls I was able to get this audio "hiss" under some level of control. It would be nice though if Video Recorder 2 came with some basic Treble and Bass control sliders for audio, or, a not too aggressive, but controllable, hiss filter. Being able to cut back on the treble would have moderated that background noise a bit more, I think.

    See link for a screen capture of the Realtek control screen