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  • Acdsee freeze's

    HELP.....i have a acdsee 365 account and when i complete an action on acdsee 10 ultimate it freezes.....for example i do a little sharpening then press done and the whole program is freezing it has been running fine for the last 3 months getting no help or reply from customer service =...

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    It sounds like the problem might be related to storing the modified files on the cloud (i.e. ACDSee365) if that is what you're using.

    It's probably worth trying the same sort of edit on a test image that is saved locally on your PC to see if you still have the same problem. That won't actually cure the problem, but at least it will narrow down the source.

    If the problem is related to storage on the cloud then you should check your access / log-in etc (I haven't got ACDSee365 so I can't be more specific).

    If you still have the problem when saving a local file then you need to start investigating what has recently happened on your PC (new software / updates etc).

    Beyond that I think you need to keep pressing customer support.