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    How about changing the ACDSee Video converter forum to "ACDSee Video Products"? Perhaps with subfolders for the video converter and Video Studio?

    It didn't matter all that much when all ACDSee had was Video Studio 1, frankly it wasn't that good. I suspect few people bought it, (I did), and even fewer people used it.

    However, Video Studio 2 is a significantly BETTER product than V.S.1 could dream of being.

    I think it can be a serious contender for the newbie/casual video user/editor. It has the right combination of price, features, and ease of use for that category of user. (Two Hints: I think if you guys spent some time and energy promoting it, you could have a modest success on your hands. PLUS, it wouldn't take THAT many changes to a future Video Studio 3 to make some inroads to the video training category of editors. It's close already. It killed me to have to buy Camtasia, it just KILLED me! If you wanted to be in that market, I think you could get there.)

    At any rate, I think the product is good enough for you guys to start taking it seriously by having a sub folder within a greater video products folder. Not having such a folder telegraphs the idea that you don't think very much of it.
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    Never used it. Is it better than pinnacle studio ultimate 20, I used to edit videos and it crawls and I have a i7 6700k with a 1070 so I moved to davinci resolve as it's free and can use my 1070 raw power


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      For general record, Video Studio 2 does not support 3840x2160 UHD displays.... at least not with a font that is readable. This is confirmed by tech support. I do hope the next revision will consider UHD displays.

      Thanks for the tip on davinci


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        GREAT NEWS....
        ​With Windows10 Creator Update, it seems "Override high DPI scaling behavior" option now works with the ACDSee. This feature now seems to be an acceptable works-around the mini (micro?) font issues associated with ACDSee video products!

        ​Here is what you do....
        ​Find your way to the startup icon location. In my configuration it is found here:
        C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ACD Systems

        ​Right click on the program icon (e.g. ACDSee Video Studio 2); choose properties
        ​Put a check in the box next to "Override high DPI scaling behavior"

        ​Change the value of "Scale performance by:' System (Enhanced)

        ​The net time you start the program, it will scale correctly on the high resolution display.

        ​(Note: I would post a screen shot, but it seems that feature is presently broken on the forum.)


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          Originally posted by GusPanella View Post
          GREAT NEWS....
          ​With Windows10 Creator Update, it seems "Override high DPI scaling behavior" option now works with the ACDSee.
          Nothing to do with ACDSee, but I just saw a video about the Creator Update for Win10 and it seems it sets everything to standard after the install. So spying is on FULL again and the amount of of data, that Microsoft sends home, is unbelievable. I'm really glad, I switched to Linux. The only thing missing for me on Linux is ACDSee Pro. For that I use a VM.