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An awkward workflow to develop the DNG files from an LG G6 phone (experience sharing)

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  • An awkward workflow to develop the DNG files from an LG G6 phone (experience sharing)

    Hi everybody

    I recently took possession of an LG G6.

    I have already taken a small lot of photos with it, and as it is, JPEGs are very satisfactory.
    But as the device can also store DNG files, I tried to process these DNG ...

    The first solution I took was to use Snapseed. The software is not bad, and allows to release really different photos from the standard JPEG (whether they're better depends of course on the skills of the developer :-)), but it has a few drawbacks:
    - the software only outputs JPEG, no way to output a .TIFF
    - no noise processing function (or I have not searched enough)
    - more fundamentally, the ergonomics of a smartphone shows its limits for this kind of work (in my opinion)

    But I also found, by chance, another unexpected workflow...

    I started by downloading the DNG files produced by the G6 on my PC. It is possible through any kind of cloud (OneDrive for example).

    There, I found that ACDSee can handle the DNG files from the G6. But unfortunately, it displays them as ridiculous and hideous, monochrome purple small vignettes in a corner of the thumbnail (!).
    So I took a chance at processing the DNG files with Adobe DNG Converter, and after that, surprisingly, ACDSee displays almost normal thumbnails, only with a few quirks in colorimetry.
    I tried to develop them with ACDSee, and it globally works, with just one strange detail : the white balance is practically unusable. The cursors are moved far to the left (towards the blue and the green, therefore), even in some cases squarely blocked. And as soon as one tries to leave the choice "as taken", asking for "sunny", "cloudy" setting, or whatever ... One falls back on hideous purple things.

    I am not familiar with the DNG format, which seems to have different dialects by the way(linear, or not ...?), but I suppose it has some explaination. Any ideas ? It seems that concerned DNG have colors that lean seriously towards purple, but why?

    Ultimately, results are a little at random. Sometimes, it works well and it allows to issue interesting interpretations of the DNG, different from the direct G6 JPEG files and from those from Snapseed (better ones, again it depends ... :-)), but sometimes it is somewhat disappointing, for all that awkward workflow.

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    Hello jpu018,

    Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

    Can you send one or two sample DNG from LG G6?

    Please send a support ticket to the customer care team at We will then reply with the information for you to upload the samples to our FTP server.


    James – Customer Care team


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      Hi James
      Thank you for caring
      I will provide G6 DNGs as required.
      However, I have another piece of information to put in the case : the first problems with DNGs (restriction to mini-thumbnails) seems to be somehow linked to LG's embedded camera app. I tried out another DNG-capable app since (Camera Zoom), and then DNGs comply to normal format.
      However, the rest of my story remains true : unusable WB, and therefore tough problems to get acceptable colors, in many cases.
      Also, one precision : I own Ultimate 10, but it is an upgrade from Ultimate 9. The problem occured w/ Ultimate 9, since I am not at Home currently (I use my old copy of Ultimate 9 on a laptop, when I'm away). I did not test w/ Ultimate 10 yet.
      Thank you again
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        I sent a ticket as required, but no News since.
        I can understand that, at the time of the release of a major version, everyone is busy at ACDSee, but how do we proceed ?
        Here's a link w/ G6 DNG, please tell me it works, so I can send you more :
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          Hi again
          Two more bits of info :
          - in a review on the web about the G6, it is said that its DNG files are coded on 10 bits instead on 12 or 14, which is more usual. Could that be a clue ?
          - it seems that Raw Therapee handles G6 DNG files without problem. I do not want to switch to RT, which is said to be highly complex and sophisticated, but this is kind of frustrating.


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            Hi folks

            I had opened a case at LG's support, but they only gave a standard answer (Thank you for using LG... We're considering... Blah...)

            However, it seems they finally tackled the problem, since they recently issued a fix (without any notice, by the way).
            No more magenta shift, with any Photo App (LG native, LR mobile, Camera Zoom).