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  • Enhanced forum search capabilities

    We all know that the "Latest Activity" button returns ALL latest activity in the entire forum, which can be an embarrassing problem when you respond to a question in the Mac Beta folder when you think you are in the General folder for the Windows products. My solution is only a tad bit less convenient, but you can specify which folders you want to search! Use the search dropdown control in the top right of the screen and select Advanced search. If you leave everything the same but highlight "Announcements", "General Discussions", and "Product Specific Forums" You can filter out the Beta folders.

    Conversely, if you are only interested in the Mac Beta, or the LUX beta, you can select only them, or some combination of folders that interest you..

    A Note to the forums admin: I don't know how other users feel, but I would be open to a cookie (or some other mechanism) that allowed me to save specific advanced search criteria. I feel this forum is useful enough that enhancing the search capabilities of the forum in this way would be useful to me.
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    I have subscribed to the sections of the forum I'm interested in, and it gives me a list of new posts in the messages counter each time I log in.


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      That's interesting, Dave! That never occurred to me! I will try this out!


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        Correction - it used to show new posts!
        It appears to be broken now, along with automatically removing highlights when you've read a post.