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Pro 10 - Switching from "Photos" to "View" Mode Question

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  • Pro 10 - Switching from "Photos" to "View" Mode Question

    Hello, still very much getting used to ACDSee. We have just over 20,000 photos and videos, all loaded in to one folder on one drive. We are mainly using the software for photo management. I have the "Manage" tab sorted by Date/Time Original. We like the "Photos" view as it offers a nice easy visualization to all photos/videos by date.

    My question/issue is when we would like to see more info about a photo in "Photos" by double-clicking, it takes us to "View." Which is fine, however, I cannot figure out 1.) how (what properties) this view uses to sort the pictures (previous/next) on the Filmstrip tab on the bottom, or 2.) how to change that sort functionality. I will say that sometimes it sorts by the same "Date/Time Original" property, but very often the order seems randomized. Ideally after double-clicking a photo in "Photos," we could then view the pictures by the same property in "View."

    I hope this makes sense what I'm asking. We've made the financial decision to go this route, hopefully it can work how we are hoping.


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    Hello, For the information of the photos in the "photos" module, you have to go to tools, options, photos mode, check "show the tooltips and configure the information you want to appear in the tooltips. the only way to get detailed info on the photos The ranking in this mode can only be done chronologically. In Manage mode, many more choices are offered to display details on each thumbnail and make a ranking of his choice.