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Wishlist: changes in the navigation panel on the left

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  • Wishlist: changes in the navigation panel on the left

    As a new member on this forum I like to post two wishes regarding the navigation panel on the left of the edit view.
    1. It is not ergonomic to put actions on the top AND the bottom of the panel. It is better to put all items as low as possible on the panel. That reduces the amount of 'mousing' movements.
    2. Given the huge amount of editing options, it would be nice if I could 'highlight' the ones that I often use, to make it easier to navigate from one action to the next one. Give users the option to make their 'favorite' actions bold or colored.

    Another wish regarding the batch rename feature:
    If I fill in a new name format for my 'batch' I always have to add the extension. Often the pix in the batch all have the same extension (mostly .jpg) and why would I want to change that? I expect the .jpg to remain in place if I do not change that. So if I type the new format as 2017.04.16 naples ## I expect ACDSee to add .jpg automatically. Now, if I forget it, I get a warning that file type will change and I must start over with the file format. Or?