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    Hello, Why I can not find a link from the acdsee site to upgrade to the new 2018 versions. I get emails to upgrade but as soon as I log in to my account, I go to the page "my products" and I can not find the upgrade again. Either I have not figured out how to do it, or there is an ergonomic problem on the site. If you know how to make from his account to get the upgrade thank you for telling me.

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    After you log into your acdID account, click My Apps to see your products. Under your most recent version of ACDSee that you purchased, e.g. ACDSee Ultimate 10, click the "Upgrade Now" button to find your upgrade options.

    Hope this helps.

    James - Customer Care Team


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      Hello James,

      Thank you for that answer. But by going from My Applications, there is no "upgrade now" button. How is it possible ? the email I receive for an upgrade is:
      This is for a pre-order. But from my account I can not access the update. is it not yet available?


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        Bonjour, Milli.
        J'ai reçu le même courriel. Il s'agit d'une pré-vente. La version française n'est pas encore disponible; a priori, elle le sera à la mi-octobre. Personnellement, je ne donne pas suite, j'attends que la version soit bien présente. En attendant, j'essaie les versions anglaises. D'abord la Pro 2018 puis, comme elle vient d'expirer, la Ultimate 2018, histoire de prolonger mon évaluation de 30 jours.