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    Test photo studio ultimate 2018.
    With the action navigator (in display), it is not possible to go back. Each modified image, leads to the creation of another image [name of the image] _0 or _0_0 ect ... The behavior is determined by right clicking on an action in the action browser.
    Each action is added to the previous one in the action browser. Once press play, the image changes and a new file is created, if that choice was retained.
    In edit mode, after closing the action browser, it is possible to cancel all effects with CTRL + SHIFT + Z
    I think a button "cancel action" in the action window would be welcome, to avoid cumulation effects, because the treatments are heavy times and slow down the system.

    I add this point of detail. In the action window, a right click on an action brings up a menu, or buttons options at the bottom of the window, it is possible to modify the behavior of the action, by default it is selected "rename the modified images and put them in the source folder ". modify the behavior is only valid for the defined action. For each action it is necessary to redo the operation. knowing that there are 125 possible actions, this is annoying!
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