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Ultimate 2018 (test) ...more !

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  • Ultimate 2018 (test) ...more !

    I continue to test the 2018 version. The point that remains negative for me is the non continuity of the passage of the processing mode develop and edit mode. going from first to second is not a problem, but the opposite requires a recording to keep the settings and once the recording is done, you return to the displayed mode. if you want to continue in develop mode, all your previous settings are of course preserved but can not be modified anymore.
    A real bridge between these two modes, would be significant progress without having to go through the recording.
    The treatment of chromatic abberation does not convince me, I prefer to use that of lightroom.
    What is good are the new erase brush functions and the brush selection tool (CTRL + B) otherwise for me the change is not what I expected. Continuity in the work would have been better.
    I still hesitate to buy between Acdsee 2018 and PSP 2018!
    I continue the tests ....