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Discrepancies between ACDSee and LR in IPTC keywords handling ?

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  • Discrepancies between ACDSee and LR in IPTC keywords handling ?

    Hi all
    An alert relating to this topic's subject has been issued on a French forum.
    I will translate it ASAP, however, for people reading French, here's the link :,278491.0.html

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    The post describes the fact that LR exports AC related meta data although the xmp meta data file has been removed from the catalogued files before export.

    It's pretty simple. If you catalogue RAW files with side car files in LR it imports all meta data it can find, including xmp meta data embedded by AC (AC Keywords, Categories, Collections, . . . even dpp settings) into the LR database. When exporting these files again from LR it will include the AC related meta data that has previously been imported.

    If you use LR and AC side by side, the AC related meta data exported by LR will most likely conflict with the meta data within AC because it's out dated.


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      Also du sprichts auch französich ?


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        Nein, aber Babelfish kann es :-) Hier im Forum findet man ausreichend Beweise, dass ich noch nicht mal Englisch drauf habe, und mein Deutsch ist auch kaum besser.