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Moving from Picasa folders to ACDSee - help

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  • Moving from Picasa folders to ACDSee - help

    I just got ACDSee Ultimate as a Christmas gift and access to this forum. Anyone else's head exploded at first?! My guess is that I need to move my photos from Picasa folders to my hard drive (or in my case, a mobile hard drive). Then .... help! Reading some of the comments I am beginning to worry that this is not a perfect choice for me. I am an amateur photographer and use many as reference material for paintings and also for travel and family photobooks. Is this application more than I need? Any advice on any of this is very welcome.

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    ACDSee has an import function which is rather powerful in my view, but I do not think it is intended to import files directy from Picasa. It could from OneDrive, I think.

    If you resort to a local storage device first, the question becomes : "what do downloads from Picasa look like" ? Can you import directories, not just files ? If you have tagged your files in Picasa, do those tags / keywords still appear under windows ? Etc...

    ACDSee has powerful calaloging functions which could help you to handle your collections of pictures. It can mix three types of criteria, all of three hierarchical, and potentially complementary (or completely redundant :-)) : categories, keywords, and collections... You could use just one, say, "keywords" for a start. If your tags in Picasa have been downloaded as Windows keywords, ACDSee will retain them in the import process.

    Is this of any help ?