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LR Migration Importing pics and keywords

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  • LR Migration Importing pics and keywords

    Ok, so am migrating from LR, and I hope this hasn't been done before and I did do a search, but here is what I do am my question.
    In LR, I Import using a Preset and also add keywords while I'm importing. Here's my conundrum.
    1. With LR, when I import, I change the name of the pic to something like "HX90V20171224002.JPG" However in ACDSee, I can't figure out how to remove all the dashes and extraneous stuff. Here's the best I can do. "HX90V-2017-12-24 16-59-220002.JPG" . So how do I get the dashes out if that can be done. I don't want this huge file name.
    2. When importing in LR, I also add Keywords, like "Family, Houston" etc. etc. I can't for the life of me find Keywords. Is that what Categories are?

    Thanks in advance, and I'm sure I'll have many more. So far I really like it.
    Chip D - Omaha

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    I can't answer definitely to your 1st question, I am not familiar enough w/ the import function to sort that out. Sure there's a renaming capability in ACDSee, and it is embedded in the import function.

    Now, for the 2nd, I am sure you can add keywords and categories when importing. Read page 35 & following in the user guide.

    Coming to "categories" vs "keywords", it is a facility of ACDSee that you can distinguish between both. I would say that categories are more general (e.g. "landscape", "portrait", etc...), and keywords more precise (like you say, "family", or "waves", or "cars", or whatever....). But this is just my opinion. Both are hierarchical, so it gives you great possibilities to use and mix them. You can even use only one function, and not the other.

    Do I make myself any clear ?


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      I will check that out and let you know. As many will be migrating the first part is a question I'd like to know. And it would be neat if I could do the IMPORT with FILE RENAMING and KE
      YWORD adding all at one shot.
      Chip - D - Omaha


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        .....and where do you get "page 35" of the user guide? I don't see any page numbers when I use either the Help or the Quick Start Guide. Am I missing something? Can I download the entire Help file so I can view it off line?
        Chip D - Omaha, Ne


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          Well I could think of it as the first section ("import") of chapter 3 ("manage mode").
          "Page 35", besides, may not be the most accurate reference, since it's taken from the French edition...

          ​However, I sure could download the .pdf version of the manual from the "support" pages of ACDSee's commercial site. Choose your product on the page, click "get help", and there you have a choice between on line and off line versions (still on the French site, I'm afraid... But I'd be suprised if this did not exist on the English side).