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    Any plans to support ssl in the forums? Trying to load it with "https://" returns mixed content and a distorted layout.
    Some easy changes in the forum theme most likely fixes this.

    Http seems outdated and investments into security would lead to trust.

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    Sorry but I am not aware of plans to support SSL. I'll review the request with our IT team.



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      Chiming in to agree with this request. https is becoming (really, IS) the standard now, for many reasons. Most browsers now complain when a login is not done using https, and known development paths for Chrome and Firefox, at least, will block access by default to non-https logins if not other form entries soon. It's possible to get certificates fairly easily and inexpensively now, so if the Board software and your server people allow it, it can be done. Please work on this.


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        Originally posted by Mike_B_NotB View Post
        It's possible to get certificates fairly easily and inexpensively now . . .
        Let's encrypt is giving certificates for free. The forum already has a certificate but it seems that some of the links in the forum theme still use http.


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          I'm not sure this is optional. Search engines will be penalizing results from unencrypted pages. If you want your visitors to use Google and other search engines as an entry to content in the forums, you *must* switch to HTTPS. This ought to be a minor fix, executed with very high priority.