I saw your reply about Ratings.

I use Ratings to sort/rank my photos in a particular folder - typically when I first download photos.
In the Windows version it was very easy to then sort on rankings and do a culling or move of the highly ranked photos. I could even select a set of folders and do rankings among them.

The Mac Beta is a huge improvement - but the ranking is almost worthless.

If you have other suggestions for how we should cull the good shots from the mediocre - please let me know.

One other item:
If at all possible, it would be great if the Mac database could be accessible from other Mac workstations as a mounted database - like it worked on the Windows systems. We use a server for centralized storage and safety - but each workstation then has a separate database. Is there any work-around so we can share the meta-data?

Thanks for all the improvements,
Lance Murphy
San Diego