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Can't add text to some black and white photos

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  • Can't add text to some black and white photos

    I'm scanning old black and white photos for archival purposes and want to add text descriptive data on the bottom enlarged borders. These are JPG photos and I am able to add the desired text on some photos but the text option is grayed out on other photos. I've made no changes in the scanning options that should cause this. I been using ACDSee for many years, although admittedly when it comes to editing I'm still an "experienced" novice. What could cause this variance from one photo to the next?

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    Maybe the bit-depth is set to 8bit monochrom instead of colour on some images. You can check this on the file-tab (I guess that's how it should be called - please excuse my terrible English). But I don't know, how to change that in ACDSee. Maybe via the develop mode? I use me Image Editor Photo Line for that. ACDSee is my RAW-converter and for managing files.

    Edit: Sorry, didn't saw that you use the photo editor, not ACDSee Pro. The cause could be the same, but I don't know, if the file tab exists in that program.
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      Use the "Paint" program of Microsoft Windows


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        Use the "Paint" program from Microsoft. Sometimes less is more


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          Hello GeneHo12
          I have the same problem as you with AcDsee Ult 10 and I think the solution is the same . You can find the solution here