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Stitch photographs together or put one pic on top of another with Photo Editor?

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  • Stitch photographs together or put one pic on top of another with Photo Editor?

    Hi I am very happy with ACDSee Pro 6 which does everything I want, except I can't stitch pics together or put one on top of the other.

    Someone has told me Photo Editor does this and I would be grateful if someone would confirm that before I go ahead with a trial?

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    Yes, you can--------In the Work area load a photo------------catch it at a corner to make it smaller----move the picture into the Print area----------If you made it small enough, you should have plenty of room left in the print area to add additional pictures------you can save the collage with stitched photos-(That are in the Print area)---------it will save to a different format---------unless you save to a .jpg--------to learn this program, you must PRACTICE------------Have Fun! I haven't tried the on top of one another----------I am sure you can find that too!


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      Photo editing is a job itself. Editing a photo is very difficult job if you are new into it. There are new software available in the market for photo editing and new to come with new tools to make our work easier. Yes, Jim i completely agree with your answer. I got very valuable information from your answer today. Because i tried it and to some extent i succeeded but as am new into it having little problems but it will be solved as time passes.


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        I see the stitched together, I have no idea what that means. I want to create a triptych, 3 photos side by side or one phone large with two on the side small. I see it done all the time, but cannot figure out what to click etc to get it done. In the answer that Jim M posted, it is not clear what to click etc. I have ACDSee Pro 6. There is nothing that says.."work area" or to catch a corner of a photo I already have in the files or where is print area? Anyone know. I would just follow the directions, such as go to left side top, click on edit, click on etc. etc. etc. drag this!


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