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ACDSEe 19 "Crop" - Save Error

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  • ACDSEe 19 "Crop" - Save Error

    Hi All

    I use ACDSee 17, it is fine, I bought upgrade 19 last week and install, done
    Edit -> Crop, I move and save, one time, work then secord or more, I click save but I got troubleshoot, dialog box said "ACDSee has encountered a system error and will close now", i research and download r_acd_hkcu.reg, I run it one time.. work save then secord not work then again r_acd_hkcu.reg, same loop

    help me! how fix it?

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    Welcome to the ACDSee user's forum. No ACDSee employees, just other users. You need to contact tech support for something like this. go to this web page:

    The reason this response is so late to be answered, is that you posted this in the wrong folder. This folder is for the lightly used ACDSee Editor 6. If you had posted in the folder called just "ACDSee" it would have likely been seen sooner. (Yeah, I know that's not a very good or descriptive name, But ACDSee, the company, has never been very good at naming stuff.)


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      you said "wrong folder", where I find it?