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  • Watermarking photos

    I am using the free 30-day trial of ACDSee Photo Studio 20. According to online instructions, there is a "watermark" feature in the edit mode (see below). I have followed the instructions and there is no option for watermarking individually or in bulk. The only option I have is to add text over an image.

    My sole reason for looking at ACDSee is that I need a system capable of watermarking photos for my real estate business. Is this feature missing because I'm in trial mode or is it just not available in this version of software?
    ACDSee Community Post: Watermarking

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    I suggest sending a message to Tech support, ACDSee doesn't normally disable features on the trial versions; at least not that I ever heard of.


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      For bulk, would the following work for you?

      Select multiple files
      Batch Edit
      ​Check the Watermark box to place a watermark image (or text overlay)

      ​The same would work for individuals, but you would only select one image instead of multiple.