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How to install Photoshop plugin to ACDSee Editor 11

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  • How to install Photoshop plugin to ACDSee Editor 11

    Cannot find installation instruction

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    Hi ArvidS,

    After you have installed the Photoshop plugin program, e.g. DXO Nik, you can put the installation path of that Photoshop plug into ACDSee Photo Editor 11 with the following steps:

    - Click Tools | Options and choose setting in the list.
    - Click the "Add" button under the "Adobe Photoshop Plugin Paths" frame to add that folder path.

    Please note that you can find all the supported Photoshop plugs for ACDSee programs at

    Hope this helps.


    ACD Customer Care


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      Hello James
      Thank you very much for vital information! And yes, now my Imagenomic/Noiseware 5 works as a plugin to ACDSee Edit 11. Even if not listed in your list of supported Photoshop plugins (only Noiseware 3).

      This was great help to me. I have used PC for picture scanning/editing/organizing for many years, mainly ACDSee for organizing and Photoshop Elements for editing. My PC is a workhorse running Windows 7. Which recently has been stopped for future support. That made me in general upgrade the PC to make a backup-point. One problem was that Adobe has said goodbye to W 7 users (PE 2020 is not W 7 compatible). I therefore considered starting to use ACDSee Edit 11, one important issue was that I have used Noiseware plugin for noise reduction and sharpening. I have thousand of pictures scanned from film! Now that works!

      I believe the new solution also might help in a more streamlined workflow. Pure bonus.

      Thanks again!