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    I am a new user of Proto Editor Home. My photos all have their captions stored in the IPTC Description field. Do I have to copy them to the ACDSee Caption field in order to see captions within ACDSee?

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    I'm not familiar with the Home version, but the Professional version has a Properties - Metadata pane that can show the values of IPTC, EXIF, and ACDSee metadata. So, for example, I can see the value of the IPTC Description field and the ACDSee Caption field.

    Like you, I'm confused about whether I should store the caption in two places. Some photo management programs store it in the EXIF Image Description field, which isn't visible in other programs. However, it IS visible in Windows 10 -- in File Explorer, you can right-click on a file, select the Details tab, and see it. (Picasa did it that way.)

    Other programs store it in the IPTC Description field, which isn't visible from Windows, but is visible elsewhere.

    ACDSee Metadata is, if I understand correctly, stored in either the file itself or the database (or, if the file format doesn't support XMP, it goes in an XMP sidecar file).

    So, if I want to be able to see it from Windows File Explorer AND future programs that may adopt the IPTC standard, do I need to copy it to both? Do I need to also copy it to ACDSee?

    UPDATE 8/5/2020: I just discovered that if I enter the description in IPTC and click Apply, it is automatically written to the corresponding EXIF field. In File Explorer in Windows, you can now see the field (though it displays it in both the Title and Subject areas, but I don't mind that). However, it isn't copied to the ACDSee metadata field, so you would have to look at the IPTC fields. I made a metadata view with the IPTC fields I normally view and the ACDSee fields showing at the same time. So far that works for me.
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