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  • macbook or laptop

    I need to replace my pc laptop any thoughts? Am I better off with a laptop or Macbook to run ACDsee. I usually use batch sharpening

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    If the criteria is strictly "which version of ACDsee is better, Mac or Windows?", the Windows version wins, hands down. It had a ten year head start and is vastly superior vs. the relatively new Mac version.


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      The windows version is much better as the Mac-Version. I miss a lot of functions from the windows version in Mac. Why???


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        Others have answered your questions as to the Mac or Windows version of ACDSee software with the Windows version being more robust. For me the question would be which operating system do I really want to work with? Mac or Windows? I answered that questions a few years ago when I went with the Mac. For me, there was no looking back. Anyway, the Mac version of ACDSee is fast and adequate for many PP features. It does lack in some areas for sure. One of the missing features is not having a healing function for removing dust, etc. There are other programs that can be used in conduction with ACDSee. Two I am familiar with are Apple's own Aperture and Corel's AfterShot Pro. Both of these programs have the missing features lacking in the Mac verson of ACDSee. So, my workflow on the Mac starts by using ACDSee, then if I have too, I export an image out to work on it via one of those other two programs. Why don't I just use ASP or Aperture only? Because I love the lighting PP modes of ACDSee better. I would love it if the Mac version was more full-featured but until it is, I am forced to use some other programs also. Good luck in your decision.