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  • Sort bar (v1.9)

    A friend of mine runs ACDSee v1.9 on his Mac. (I run several versions on Windoze machines.)

    When he edits an image file in Photoshop and saves it with a different name, the new image is shown at the bottom of the thumbnail panel in Manage mode. So far, this is the same as Windoze versions but it's where the 2 builds seem to part company. In the Windoze versions (going back at least to V7 and continuing thru V12, there's a toolbar above the thumbnail panel that includes a Sort selection. I bypass this most of the time and hit the numeric pad "+" key to resort and position the new file in its properly sorted place unless I've created a custom sort by dragging thumbnails around, at which time I select "Delete Custom Sort" from the sort menu.

    In screen shots I've seen of the Mac version, there's a toolbar at the BOTTOM of the thumbnail panel, however my friend tells me he doesn't see this. Is there a way to toggle this toolbar on and off somewhere?

    I'd go to his house and help him out, but I'm 800 miles away from him. So any help on this would be gratefully accepted.

    Ray Buck (aka Ray The Rat)
    Taylorsville, Ut.

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