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  • Catalog Confusion

    My understanding is that ACDSee Pro 3 Mac automatically catalogs your image information. Ok. So, what does the Catalog feature in the Tools pull-down menu do?
    I must be missing something as far as cataloging goes? Hopefully, someone will clear this up for me. Thanks!

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    Now this is interesting... I played around with the catalog files option and when I did that it stripped all of my keywords and other metadata from my images. Left me with just the images I had PP. Is this a bug in the software or am I just not getting it?
    If anyone knows what is happening I would appreciate some feedback. Obviously, I am missing something. Thanks.


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      Since I have figured out answers to my own questions about cataloging I' post my thoughts. ACDSee Pro 3 Mac catalogs as you PP without having to use the pull-down catalog menu. The pull down catalog menu lets you catalog other files you want to incorporate into ACDSee. As I learned the hard way, don't try to catalog files you have already worked on as the program will strip away all data you have applied to your work. For instance, it will remove metadata you have added to any images. So, don't do it! I don't know if this is a bug or just the way the program works. Cheers!