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  • Mac Pro Beta - s l o w

    In the Mac Pro Beta - the file delete is SLOW!!!. Manage --> Image takes forever on an external drive. WHY?????

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    Could be many reasons. You could give more information and stop blaming acdsee. It could be you haven't cataloged your drive, it could be a slow usb. When explaining problems you to paint a whole picture for us we can't see your screen


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      Hi Mrclutch,

      Thank you for your feedback. May I ask some questions?

      1) By file delete, do you mean Move to Trash, or Delete Permanently?
      2) What kind of file are you deleting and what size is it (in MB)?
      3) Does this happen on every file delete or only certain files?
      4) What kind of external drive do you have, e.g. USB, SD Card, etc? If USB, do you know what kind of USB (e.g. 2.0, 3.0)?
      5) About how long does it take? How about in Finder?
      6) Can you confirm the operation completes successfully?
      7) Could you describe your environment, e.g. what kind of Mac, what OS version, what CPU, how much memory, etc?