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BETA 8 Deleted all files in a DIRECTORY when adding a subfolder to the directory

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  • BETA 8 Deleted all files in a DIRECTORY when adding a subfolder to the directory

    Hi I had a major impact event occur today as a result of using Beta 8 on the mac on osx 10.11.6

    Trying to add a subfolder in my DOWNLOADS folder using acdsee seems to have deleted ALL the files in my DOWNLOADS folder..

    I tried to run EaseUs recovery - none of the files show up as deleted
    Nothing in TRASH

    Using DAISY DISK does not show the files anywhere else.

    Using AcdSee, I right clicked on teh DOWNLOADS folder name and chose add a subfolder.
    Oce I finished putting the name of the subfolder in and hit return, all the files in teh download folder disappeared

    I sent an email to customer care about it - I am hypervenilating with anxiety hoping you can help me get the files back

    the link on the website to customer care

    Given the technical nature of this issue, I recommend emailing our technical support directly via [email protected] as they will be better able to help you resolve this. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this however, you can call them directly at 1 888 767 9888 line 3

    I called the number suggested and the said I neded to post on the forum which I am doing now.

    I can be contacted on 857-272-9873

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    Good Morning
    Just wondering if anyone from the Acdesee developer/support group for the Mac BETA have seen this message and if you have any suggestions as to what happened and whether I may be able to retrieve my disappeared files.

    There were many files that were not backed up as I had been very busy in the last few days and it is an urgent requirement to get these files back.

    CAn someone from AcdSee reply or contact me ASAP - Thank you