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ACDSee Photo Studio Pro for Mac version 6.3 not working on Big Sur

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  • ACDSee Photo Studio Pro for Mac version 6.3 not working on Big Sur

    I have downloaded the newest version of ACDSee Photo Studio Pro for Mac version 6.3 and installed the update after upgrading to Big Sur. The program opened after the install. When trying to open it at a later time it hangs and will not open. If I reinstall the update than it will open after the install but hangs when I try to open it a second time. This is the only program that has this issue so I suspect that it an ACDSee problem, not a Big Sur problem. I even uninstalled ACDSee completely and reinstalled it with no change in results. Please look into the issue and resolve it.

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    Hi GWD,

    Thank you for the feedback. May I ask some questions:

    1) What version of macOS Big Sur are you running, i.e. official release or a beta version?

    2) If you open and click the Start button, then trigger the issue, do you see any logs from ACDSee? If so, could you kindly provide them?

    3) As a temporary troubleshooting step, could you try creating a new database via the File > Database > New... command when the app opens the first time, and then checking if the issue still occurs? Note this will not affect your current database and you can switch back to your current database via the File > Database > Recent list.

    4) If the above doesn't work, could you try temporarily renaming these two items and then checking if the issue still occurs:
    - "~/Library/Preferences/com.ACDSystems.ACDSeePhotoStudio6.plist"
    - "~/Library/Caches/com.ACDSystems.ACDSeePhotoStudio6"

    5) One last weird question: is your Mac's clock set to the correct time?

    Best regards,


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      1. Big Sur ver 11.0.1

      2. No can do. Too many characters for you message system

      3. I will give it a try If I can get it to open.

      4. Didn't work. Got the agreement window and hung there.

      5. Yes the clock is right.


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        What about deleting the app, going into the library and deleting the ACDSEE folder than reinstalling? I have my key and it is saved under my account.


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          Okay, I think I get it now. Photo Studio for Mac 7 has been released. I downloaded the trial version and it opens all of the time every time. No hangs. I guess they want me to buy the newest version.
          Last edited by GWD; 11-19-2020, 11:15 AM.