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Applying auto white balance to multiple files

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  • Applying auto white balance to multiple files

    Hi all, I am on acdsee pro eight and I have discovered a bit of a problem. If I go to a file and apply an auto white balance to it and then either copy settings or save them as a preset and then return to the manage tab, Select a bunch of files and then either paste those settings or choose the preset that I saved then the white balance that is attached to the files is the actual settings that are attached to the original file rather than acdsee applying an auto white balance to the files. Does anyone know of any way to apply an auto white balance to multiple images under they have to be done one at a time?

    Thanks a lot to anyone who can help with this.


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    Hi Phil - This has been a long-standing enhancement request. When you copy White Balance, Pro8 only copies the absolute values. In an ideal world, the copy command would be aware that "Auto" was used. It could then apply a separate and independent "Auto WB" to each of several other images. Unfortunately, it doesn't (currently) work that way. But, that enhancement is on a whole lot of people's lists for future improvements.


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      Thanks for that. Ah well, there we go!


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        On the other hand, as far as I can tell, Auto White Balance is a hit-or-miss proposition. Say I have several images taken under exactly the same lighting, so that white balance should be identical. I doubt that Auto can achieve that exactly, so, once I think it's gotten it about right on one image, I'll want to copy that to the rest. Option to do it either way, please.