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What does "Rebuild thumbnails and metadata do?

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  • What does "Rebuild thumbnails and metadata do?

    Tools / Database / Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata
    What does this do? Something really odd happened to files that were developed in Pro6 and now have been transferred to the U8 database.. The Develop edits are gone. I'm wondering if the two are somehow connected.

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    'Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata' forces ACDSee Pro to rescan the image; as if it were the first time it saw the image. I use 'Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata' often as ACDSee Pro 8 doesn’t always catch the metadata changes I’ve made in other programs.

    Provided you haven't moved the hidden original image and the accompanying develop information file (both in the hidden file [Originals]), running 'Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata' should cause the indicator on the modified image's thumbnail in the Manage Mode to show that it has been developed. Having said that, I don't know if the ACDSee Pro 6 develop information files is compatible with ACDSee Pro 8. Regardless, if there is a corresponding file of the same name in the hidden originals folder, it will at least show up with an edited indicator.