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Feature Request: sort within one second

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  • Feature Request: sort within one second

    The time sequence of my images is important to me, and now that my SLR easily takes up to 5 shots in one second (which can be important with active wildlife), sorting has gotten more difficult. As long as the filenames have their camera-assigned serial numbers, I can sort by filename, but that's among the first things I change. I use the Batch Rename tool to change the filenames to the template, (using EXIF Date/Time Original) so I can easily correlate the time a picture was taken with my notes. Trouble is that in doing the renaming, ACDSee appends a new arbitrary serial number to the end of the filename to distinguish otherwise identical filenames occurring within the same second, using template, and it consistently messes up the sequence, paying no attention to the existing sequential numbers.

    Possible fixes:
    1. Make available to include in the template the EXIF field Subsec Time Original, which apparently is hundredths of a second: I don't know whether all newer cameras have that; Canon's SLRs do, at least since the T2i.
    2. (Forget this one - see below. But where's the strike-through format?) Use the existing Batch Rename format but base the new serial numbers on the ones from the camera.
    3. Use the existing Batch Rename format but base the new serial numbers on Subsec Time Original.
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    But doesn't your sub para 2 exist already with, for example,

    #### [<Imageate/Time Original>]

    ..where the hashes retain the camera serial nos.

    The smiley comes up because it is substituting for a colon followed by the capital D - hopefully that makes sense!
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    • Dennis Cheasebro
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      Hmm...Thanks. That might work but I think it's tricky. Your hashes come not from the original serial numbers but from the current sort order, which by default is consistent with the original serial numbers unless the chosen sort order conflicts, or unless the sequence was reset in the camera in the middle of the session (because it reached the maximum value), or unless there were two cameras in use with their own separate sequences. Come to think of it, the preceding voids sub para 2 - thanks. It could be done but one would have to carefully watch for those exceptions (and I'm wondering if I overlooked any). I'm making do now by carefully watching for these cases and was looking for a cleaner option.
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    I have the same problem when taking multiple shots within the same second and when renaming a batch of photos consisting of photos from as many as five cameras used at the one event.

    After renaming all files to 'YYYY-MM-DD - HH-MM-SS', I view them in the Details view (F12) and sort by filename. Then I look for and select all files with the appended _2, _3, _4 etc. and batch add one second to each. Then I select _3, _4, etc. and batch add one second, and so on until I've adjusted the time of the last _X. I then batch rename all those files to 'YYYY-MM-DD - HH-MM-SS'. This is an inconvenience, and sometimes the adjusted time will run into the next photo, so more adjustments are needed!


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      Another option is to use this in your batch rename: <Image:Date/Time Original> <File Properties:Filename (w/o extension)>

      This will result in a filename of the Date/Time Original with the camera generated file name appended. Having said that, I note that images from our Canon SL1 have file names like "2014-04-16 - 23-22-54 - 0080.JPG" when transferred to the PC using the Canon software, but when I access the SD card with a card reader, the same image has the name "IMG_0080.JPG". I changed a setting in the Canon software so that the file is now transferred unchanged.

      So, here's how I would do it for images from the Canon SL1:
      1. Transfer the images from the camera.
      2. Select all images in ACDSee Pro 7.
      3. Capture the original filename in the IPTC Headline field of each image for safe keeping; just paste <File Properties:Filename (w/o extension)> into the Headline field and click Apply.
      4. Batch rename all files as follows:
        - In the Template put: <Image:Date/Time Original> <File Properties:Filename (w/o extension)>
        - Check 'Use Search and Replace to rename files'
        - In the Search for... put: IMG_
      5. Click 'Start Rename'.
      That will do it. "IMG_0080.JPG" will become "2014-04-16 23.22.54 0080". You could add a dash between the time and file number, or put the file number in brackets quite easily in the same rename step.
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      • Dennis Cheasebro
        Dennis Cheasebro commented
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        Looks like that should work as a workaround, as far as renaming files, although I'd still prefer that ACDSee internalize the fix. It need only add two or three characters to an already long filename, while the above scheme adds five.

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      I change the filenames to Date-Time-original Imagenumber.
      For import, I use the program WIA-loader. Would be great, if ACDSee could buy the rights to implement all functions of these program. Small programs, dedicated to one function, are often far more better than the one among a thousand other functions tools of big programs like ACDSee. Same thing with renaming. Specialized renaming tools are far better than the ACDSee-tool.


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        I just realized that I've focused too much on the file renaming issue. I normally sort by EXIF Date/Time Original, rather than by filename, and ACDSee still needs to internally recognize the correct sequence of these files closely spaced in time. That's two distinct improvements I'm asking for.
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          Rather than naming by date/time, I rename by event... for example Veno to Martell, 2014. Then I reorganize by whatever. But, when I try to rename, it changes the name and number, but still keeps the original position. i.e. Veno to Martell, 2014_1 through 10. Sort group. move _5 to between _2 & -3. Rename group Veno to Martell, 2014#####. When it is done, the grouping SHOWS _5 between_2 &_3, but it is STILL the original name Veno to Martell, 2014 _5. How do I get around that?? PLEASE