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64bit ver does not send image by Email

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    To pick up this ancient thread, I have just spent several hours on this with ACDSEE PRO 7 and indeed most attempts to email pics fail.

    It doesn't matter what config you use in the jpeg reduction settings etc. Often, it works for the last of several pics sent concurrently; the earlier ones are the right size but are corrupted. I very much doubt it is anything to do with x64 v. x32. It looks like a bug. I am running it on win10. Same problem on win7-64.

    The solution which works fine, on both win7-64 and win10, is to use an external email program. I use Mozilla Thunderbird, set it as the default email program, and that sends pics fine. You also get the benefit of the sent emails ending up in the Sent folder, for record-keeping etc. If you don't want to use Thunderbird, you can config it for SMTP send only, and put in some bogus incoming account so it doesn't ever fetch any incoming emails. In the old days one would use Outlook Express for this sort of job but that doesn't exist anymore... well actually there is a third party OE replacement but it is fairly pricey and pointless. There are also some free little progs which do SMTP Send only.

    I hope this helps someone.

    This lack of support from the vendor is why so many people stick with old versions! Acdsee 7 Pro is already so bloated with features that you can spend an hour making it look the way you want, and then one slip on the keyboard and the config gets messed up and it takes another age to get it back as it was. I still run Acdsee v5 on all old PCs; it came free on a magazine cover CD almost 20 years ago and it still works fine. And its email send function works too