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  • Wishlist

    I am surprised there was not a wishlist thread here..

    Customers: Vote for a submission with the like button

    Developers -- if you ever decide that a feature from here is worth investigating, and if/when it looks like it will make it into the next release, chime in with a 'wish granted' post. (Let the customers know you hear them)

    Wish 1:

    When adjusting White Balance, I never liked using the 2 sliders: temp and tint to adjust the balance; when I change the temp, I need to change the tint, then I need to go back to temp....
    How about a square grid, the X axis is temp, the Y axis is tint; let me drag a pin around the square to come up with my temp and tint values without requiring my eye to leave the image while fumbling to get the proper slider.

    You could do the same thing for several tunables that are often done together: Saturation/Vibrance, noise Luminance/Color, Come up with a way to adjust 3 variables together and Sharpening Amount/Radius and Threshold could be grouped. Maybe even: HighlightEnhancements/FillLight

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    The "Upload to" feature should support multiple 'flick' accounts. Similar to how I can configure my phone to interact with multiple e-mail accounts.


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      Hairy, thank you. Great idea.

      Wish 3 (please do keep them serialized for easy reference): The option to sort images taken within the same second using the EXIF field Subsec Time Original, and to rename images using that field in the template. Discussed in the thread, without satisfactory resolution (there are time-consuming partial workarounds, but my whole point is efficiency).
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        I would like to see an option for stacking in manage mode... The RAW file on top and the derived files (jpg, tiff, pspimsge etc) underneath. I'd be a lot more organized!!
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        • OldRadioGuy
          OldRadioGuy commented
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          I agree with this proposal. Stacking would vastly improve the ability to organize images.

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        • 5. Fix Search 'Tagged is False' bug.
        • 6. Fix duplicate keywords in IPTC Keyword Picker.
        • 7. Modify Flickr upload to refresh existing image of the same name, and provide option to just update the online metadata.
        • 8. Fix metadata not always being displayed bug.
        • 9. Fix 'Send to...' bug.
        • 10. Ensure original image is always sent to recycle bin if no longer needed.
        • 11. At least allow the displaying of Picasa identified faces with names.
        • 12. For consistency, add up/down buttons (like all other adjustments) to Develop Mode straightening.
        • 13. Show the original's metadata when showing original image in View Mode.
        • 14. When initiating the use of an external editor, copy original image to [Originals].
        • 15. Allow EXIF 'Camera Owner Name' to be editable.
        • 16. Add EXIF fields to 'Manage Metadata Presets'; at least 'User Comment'.
        • 17. Allow more Metadata to be copied from one image to another e.g. EXIF User Comment and possible others, such as, Make, Model, Camera Owner Name, Date/Time Original and Date/Time Digitized.
        • 18. Fix 'Compare Images' bug.
        • 19. Do some tweaking to the auto function of Develop Lighting Basic Mode, it often makes the image to bright.
        • 20. The Develop mode's Heal function doesn’t work very well, IMHO that is.
        • 21. Any extra tools in the Develop mode would be most welcome, e.g. Dodge and Burn, Auto Levels, Detail Brush.

        Looking forward to the next release.
        Last edited by Robert Linsdell; 06-07-2014, 06:10 AM. Reason: #19: It's the Basic Mode that's the problem, not the Light EQ.


        • Bobbert
          Bobbert commented
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          Ditto fix the IPTC duplicate keyword bug!

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        The program should have an intelligent fallback if neither the last-used directory nor the "home" directory is unavailable. At present the program hangs - refuses to load until I find and reload the DVD I was last working from. (I've since changed the default "home" directory, but I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have the DVD.)


        • SCX
          SCX commented
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          That's a very big LIKE from me. This behavior is a disaster in my eyes and should have changed long ago. Same thing with a missing database. Just ask if the user wants to look for it or wants to create a new one.

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        A way to apply auto lighting (Develop->Lighting->Auto) in batch develop mode.


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          Expanding on dnaveh's suggestion: A way to batch apply all automatic Develop features (selectable of course) i.e. White Balance, Lighting, Tone Curves.


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            In order of priority....

            1. That Pro 7 / 17 would stop constantly throwing up error dialogs on app shutdown.
            (Pro 6 /16 doesn't do it's something new in 7/17 that is having a conniption with the way I normally configure ACDSee).
            2. Centered status bar info, and/or...
            3. Customizable file properties HUD a la Lightroom.
            4. Color keyed thumbnails by file type (like in Details View
            5. Option to Right-click->Hide unwanted items in the Folders pane
            6. Navigation buttons moved next to Path box

            That's about it for me.

            PS. God bless the Dev team member(s) who removed the "Open in My Folders" nag dialog.


            • #10
              An idea stolen from grcolts in the ACDSee Pro Mac group: Add a spot removal tool to the Repair options in Develop mode. Spot repair doesn't need you to select another part of the image, it replaces the spot or dust from pixels in the area around the spot.


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                Borders in Batch Edit...


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                  Add a toggle switch to the Noise control panel that allows you to de saturate and re saturate the image for luminance noise control


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                    I would like to have a perfect oneklick CA-correction. Capture NX2 has it for years, Lightroom has a very good one since version 4. ACDSee is way beyond perfect here. Even with lot of manual work I am not able to remove the CAs on the hole image. I sometimes think, that other programs just desaturate the colors on the edges with high contrast, but it looks very good.


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                      Originally posted by Robert Linsdell View Post
                      Expanding on dnaveh's suggestion: A way to batch apply all automatic Develop features (selectable of course) i.e. White Balance, Lighting, Tone Curves.
                      This feature exists. You can either define a develop preset and apply it in batch or apply in batch the most recent develop settings. Trouble is this does not work with "Auto", only with specific settings.


                      • Robert Linsdell
                        Robert Linsdell commented
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                        Yes, it’s the Auto feature that I would like to see in the batch option.

                      • dnaveh
                        dnaveh commented
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                        Sorry, I missed that in your post.

                      • Robert Linsdell
                        Robert Linsdell commented
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                        My wish is really for one button called 'Develop'. This button will develop all selected images exactly as I am thinking they should be developed.

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                      ACDSEE pro7: Browse button is missing in Tools>options>database>database file


                      • Dand
                        Dand commented
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                        If havent found out yet: Seting and switching between databases has been moved and changed. You found it under File>Database now...