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Disappointing ACDSee Pro 9 upgrade

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  • Disappointing ACDSee Pro 9 upgrade

    This is not a complain but a wish list.
    I suggest to improve the Develop mode instead of the Edit mode, the opposite ACDSee is doing, I know copy pasting features in the Edit Mode is easier for it, but this way you get a weak RAW editor and a weak Raster editor.

    Here are the improvements I suggest in the Develop Mode:
    1. Fully functional undo. Currently the undo affects all the actions made with a tool instead of the last action.
    2. Undo with the Develop Brush. Here there is no undo at all.
    3. More options in the Develop Brush. There must be options for colour and light (as Viveza has).
    4. More tone bands in the Light EQ standard mode. At lest 3, one in high light, other in middle tones and other in dark shadows.
    5. An option to "protect" the higher and lower tones and colours. There could be a way to fix a tone to avoid "clipping" it when you modify the light or saturation.
    6. A clarity control in the Noise Reduction tool. When you remove some noise, as in jpegs, you get some blur, to fix it there could be a button to set the clarity avoiding such effect. Other is to improve the detail feature in the sharpening tool.
    7. To define the image resolution when you are working with jpgs and tiff. Currently you need to use a trick in the Edit mode to save the image in 96 dpi.
    8. Control the deep of colour. 8bits 16bits or 24bits the same than the resolution.
    9. Vertical adjustment in the Geometry. Currently you can only fix the horizon.
    10. An option in the repair tool to apply the cloned pixels in normal, darken, lighten, etc ways..

    As you can see, it is hard to find a reason to do not see these features included in the Develop Mode.

    So instead of adding features to the Edit Mode (even creating a new product as it is Ultimate), making a bad Raster Editor, add them to the Develop Mode making a good Raw editor.

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    Originally posted by AAM View Post
    Disappointing ACDSee Pro 9 upgrade
    I agree, but only because Develop Mode is what I use 99% of the time.

    Here's my list of wishes for future versions:

    - Possible bugs are in red.
    - Most recent additions are in blue.

    ACDSee Forum
    1. Combine product specific forums “ACDSee Pro” and “ACDSee Ultimate”.

    Develop Mode
    1. Remember the last used tool tab.
    2. Allow the LightEQ's Auto function to be applied at 100% (as it is now), 80%, 60%, and 40%. Perhaps a dropdown at the side of the button to select the level.
    3. Add a spot removal tool to the Repair tab. Spot repair doesn't need the user to select another part of the image; it replaces the spot or dust from pixels in the area around the spot.
    4. Fix Activate/Deactivate Sharpening group button bug: Unlike the Tune/General group button, the Sharpening group button has no effect when the sharpening brush or gradient tools are enabled.
    5. Improve workflow by ensuring the left and right cursor keys always cause a move between the previous and next image. Currently their function changes when a tool adjustment slider has been selected. The up/down cursor keys could continue to be used for the slider adjustment. This would be consistent with the arrows at the end of each slider.
    6. Re-enable the scroll bars when zoomed in to an image to allow more precise control when moving around an image. Allow the user to select scroll bars and/or the one-click Navigator window.
    7. Add some of the Edit Mode tools e.g. Actions, Dodge and Burn, Auto Levels, and Detail Brush.
    8. For consistency and fine adjustments, add up/down buttons to the straightening tool (like for all the other adjustments).
    9. FIXED IN VERSION 9.2: Develop Mode Tools pane docking bug: When docked, the Tools pane docks in the middle of the work area or other random location.
    10. In the Repair tool, remember last used function: Heal or Clone. I use Clone much more than I use Heal.
    11. Fix Develop Mode zoom bug: When zoomed in, the zoom level or zoomed location changes sometimes when switching between Develop Mode tools.

    Manage Mode
    1. Allow batch application of all automatic Develop tools (selectable of course) i.e. White Balance, Lighting, and Tone Curves. Currently, the actual settings for these tools can be batch applied, but not the automatic function.
    2. Do not change the zoom factor in the Map when clicking on the GPS indicator of different images.
    3. Based on different coordinates of all selected images, allow batch updating of IPTC location/address information in the Map i.e. do not set them all to the same location/address information data as it does now, unless that is the user's option.
    4. Fix Automatic duplicate filename resolving function bug: When resolving filename conflicts during a batch rename, ACDSee adds an underscore and a number to the filenames in conflict. Currently, the first file in the list (as sorted by the user) is assigned the number “_2”, the second file “_3”, and so on, and the last file is given the number “_1”. The first file should be given the number “_1”, the second “_2” and so on.
    5. In the Metadata/copy panel, allow options to select which sections of the IPTC data the user wants to copy e.g. All IPTC, Location/address, Keywords, Creator.
    6. Allow more Metadata fields to be copied from one image to another e.g. EXIF User Comment and possibly others, such as, Make, Model, Camera Owner Name, Date/Time Original and Date/Time Digitized.
    7. Allow Metadata to be copied/pushed from the modified image to the original image. The goal is to save the additional and changed data, such as, date/time fields, user comment, GPS, and address/location, to the original image.
    8. Allow embedding of ACDSee metadata e.g. Labels and Ratings, in files when more than one instance of the application is running.
    9. Make it less easy to clear the templates in Batch Rename, for example, remove the 'Clear Templates' button and add a 'Manage Templates...' option to the dropdown, as per the metadata presets or like the button next to the aspect ratio in Develop Mode’s Crop.
    10. When initiating an external editor, copy the original image to the [Originals] folder.
    11. Send the original image and sidecar file to the recycle bin when Process Commit Changes is selected. This would allow the user to undo the Process Commit Changes function by simply restoring the deleted files.
    12. When images are copied into the application by dragging from outside the application, and where an image of the same name is already in the Manage Mode window, and where the user chooses to overwrite the image, send the replaced image, original image and sidecar file to the recycle bin. This would allow the user to undo the overwrite by simply restoring the deleted files.
    13. When an image is moved out of the application by dragging it from the Manage Mode window to a folder directly, (i.e. not via the Folders pane), also move the original image and sidecar file. Currently, the image will be moved, but the original image and sidecar file are left in the [Originals] folder.
    14. When a modified image is copied from the application by drag-copying it from the Manage Mode window to a folder directly, (i.e. not via the Folders pane), also copy the original image and sidecar file. Currently, only the modified image is copied.
    15. Fix compare images bug: Where the Date/Time Original is earlier than 1970 and Compare Images is used, the error message “The parameter is incorrect” is displayed.
    16. Add White to label color options. The application can already do it; type white (or any text at all that is not already an available color) into the ACDSee Metadata Label field, and click apply.
    17. FIXED IN VERSION 10.0: Fix automatic metadata number sequence feature: In Manage Mode, selecting two or more files and entering <100> in the IPTC Title field, and clicking Apply, should result in images with the titles 100, 101, 102... In Ultimate 9 all the images are assigned the title 100. For details of the feature see the help section “Adding Metadata to Files and Using Presets”.
    18. When the Reverse Geocode button is pressed in the Map pane, allow the manual selection (using the mouse pointer) and copying of the location information displayed in the popup panel. Sometimes I just want the street address, without having to embed all the data in my images as I use three-letter Country Codes whereas ACDSee is using two-letter Country Codes.
    19. Fix Date/Time Original altered by paste metadata bug: Where the IPTC Date Created field of a source image contains a value, copying the IPTC metadata to a target image results in the EXIF Date/Time Original value being changed to the IPTC Date Created value of the source file. To see the result after copying/pasting the metadata, select the target file and run the function: Tools / Metadata / Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata.
    20. Fix Batch Export IPTC data loss bug: When developed images are exported using the Batch Export function, IPTC data is missing from the exported image files. Testing suggests that the IPTC data is being pulled from the original (hidden) image and not the Developed image.
    21. Fix Exif Date/Time data loss on date/time shift bug: Using the “Shift to a new starting date and time” function of the "Tools / Batch / Adjust Time Stamp..." to shift the EXIF date/time fields of a group of selected images works fine if every image has an original date and time, but if just one of the images is missing an original date and time, ACDSee will wipe out the EXIF date/time information from ALL of the selected images.

    Properties Pane
    1. Show the original image's metadata in the Properties pane when displaying the original image..
    2. Allow the EXIF 'Camera Owner Name' to be editable.
    3. Add more EXIF fields to the 'Manage Metadata Presets'; at least add 'User Comment' and ‘Camera Owner Name’.
    4. Fix metadata not being displayed bug: Occasionally an image’s metadata is not displayed in the Properties pane. Sometimes all the data is missing and sometimes just some of it. Selecting the image and running the menu item Tools/Metadata/Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata fixes the problem until the next time it happens. The problem occurs most following a batch adjustment to the EXIF date/time metadata, and when images have been changed outside the application. (This issue occurs frequently when running on Windows 7, and less frequently when running on Windows 10).
    5. Fix ACDSee Metadata not being displayed correctly bug: I’m running Pro 8 and Ultimate 9. They each show a different label color for the same image; Pro 8 shows no color, Ultimate shows red - ‘no color’ is the correct state (verified with Pro 7). Running ‘Tools/Metadata/Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata’ and ‘Tools/Database/Catalog Files’ in Ultimate does not fix the problem. To replicate the problem, set the label to red (and embed in the image) in Ultimate. Set the color to ‘no color’ in Pro 6/7/8 and embed the change. Ultimate will still show the label as red. The same problem exists when ACDSee Metadata is cleared from ‘Caption’, ‘Author’, and ‘Notes’ (not sure about the Keywords). Note: Changes in label color to a different color, and for the text fields, the text being changed to different text are displayed correctly.

    Search Pane
    1. FIXED IN VERSION 9.2: IPTC keyword search can take hours to return a result. This is a problem for uncatalogued and cataloged images. Google's Picasa desktop application takes fractions of a second.
    2. Allow "Filename" to be one of the file properties that can be searched. Use at least the following tests (as per searching on Exif User Comment):
      - is
      - is not
      - is any of
      - contains
      - starts with
    3. Fix ACDSee Metadata properties “Embed Pending” and "Tagged" cannot be set to False bug: The test options should be the same as for “Auto Rotated”, “Image Developed” and “Image Edited”.

    View Mode
    1. FIXED IN VERSION 10.0: Fix View Mode layout reset bug: If ACDSee Ultimate is opened by right-clicking on an image and selecting "View with ACDSee Ultimate 9", the View Mode layout reverts to the default layout i.e. the Properties pane is turned off or is floating, and the Filmstrip and Info Palette are displayed. Note: Quick View is disabled.
    2. Split screen view of Before and After images i.e. Original and Developed/Edited. Dependent on available viewing area and image aspect ratios, the split could be side by side or top and bottom.
    3. Show face areas and names identified in other programs such as Google's Picasa.

    1. Modify Flickr upload to replace an existing image of the same name, and provide an option to only update the online metadata.
    2. Fix Slideshow footer text box bug: If the footer text ends with a space, either by choice because it might look better, or because of an empty Metadata tag, part of the footer text is displayed outside the background box during a slideshow. Also, the Slideshow text background color picker does not display the actual custom color values for Hue, Sat, Lum etc. The Slideshow header also has these problems. The View Mode footer text and Edit Header/Footer color picker work fine. I haven't tested the header and footer in the Screensaver option.

    - - -
    Last edited by Robert Linsdell; 10-08-2016, 12:01 AM. Reason: To show what in the above list has changed with the release of version 10.


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      Hi Robert - Excellent list -- lots of great suggestions. I forwarded it to the Developers for their consideration.


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        Let me add one more... Allow searching on more than one keyword in both IPTC and Acdsee keywords e.g. Find all files with keyword A AND keyword B AND NOT keyword C. In other words true Boolean searches.


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          Originally posted by Bobbert View Post
          Allow searching on more than one keyword in both IPTC and Acdsee keywords
          I second that suggestion, especially if they can speed up retrieving the search results.

          I've added another bug to my list (second post in this thread): Fix IPTC Keyword Picker value Legends bug.


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            Originally posted by AAM View Post
            More tone bands in the Light EQ standard mode. At lest 3, one in high light, other in middle tones and other in dark shadows.
            You can already set between 2 and 9 tone bands in the Standard Mode of Develop Mode LightEQ using the dropdown next to the Auto button. Did you mean some other LightEQ Mode?


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              Originally posted by Robert Linsdell View Post
              You can already set between 2 and 9 tone bands in the Standard Mode of Develop Mode LightEQ using the dropdown next to the Auto button. Did you mean some other LightEQ Mode?
              I suggest the 10th, 11th and 12th tone band in the Light EQ.
              I had experienced the lack of "steps" with some images, specially landscapes where the sky and the floor need a different treatment. You can use the Color EQ in some cases but when there are a lake or sea. The sky and the water are blue and you can not fix them separately. This is why I also suggested color corrections by a Develop Brush.

              Light EQ. is very powerful, in fact, you can fully remove the "haze" with it in a much better way than with the dehaze tool added to Edit Mode.

              Its standard mode is better than the Advanced mode because you have more control and chance to make deeper adjustments since you do not have to follow a tone curve pattern. Other programs made the same using the such curve, but I prefer to use controls..
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                I have a small complaint about the curves tool. The grid is not centred. The central cross of the grid should be in the center of the curves tool. And it would be helpfull, if there was a control line behind the line of the curves tool, so I can exactly see, how I changed the line.


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                  And a big complaint: I work in the develop mode, choose a segment of the image and zoom and change something, then I switch to a tool in another tab and ACDSee changes the view. This is extremely anoying.


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                    Originally posted by SCX View Post
                    And a big complaint: I work in the develop mode, choose a segment of the image and zoom and change something, then I switch to a tool in another tab and ACDSee changes the view. This is extremely anoying.
                    Yes, this really drives me crazy!


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                      Originally posted by Emil View Post
                      Yes, this really drives me crazy!
                      Me too. That's going on the wish list.


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                        I more and more miss support for alternative languages in the meta data saved like this in xmp:

                        <rdf:li xml:lang='x-default'>default usageterms</rdf:li>
                        <rdf:li xml:lang='de'>Meine deutschen Nutzungsbedingungen</rdf:li>
                        <rdf:li xml:lang='en'>My English usageterms</rdf:li>

                        This of course not only is needed for usage terms. Localized keywords and descriptions are even more important.


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                          Wow, that's some list! I have two more to add:
                          1.PLEASE have some way to increase the size of the thumbnails in the Image Basket and have a way to alter the contents of the pop up label (like show the name of the file). The image basket would be very helpful for my projects - if I could see what the images in the basket were.
                          2. Please don't limit the size of jpgs in edit mode. Images over 18000 px wide don't load correctly.


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                            Issues that I would like to see addressed in Pro 10...

                            - In Manage mode, I have many scanned slides I have manually entered EXIF data for, so I like to sort my images based upon Date/Time Digitized and Sort Backwards so newest images are at the top. My issue is that when I navigate to a new directory, I almost always have to go back and change the sorting order back to Date/Time Digitized and Sort Backwards. Why can I not specify a sorting order and it stays in that order until I change it to something else?

                            - In Manage Mode, under Batch/Edit I have many presets that I use very regularly. When I upgrade I like all these presets to come across to the new version without having to manually re-enter them all


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                              Since Pro v6 the keyword edit box in the organize tab of the properties pane shows a drop down list with suitable keywords to pick from. I'd love to see this for the iptc keywords box in the meta data pane of the properties tab too. The auto completion here is awkward, esp. in German language with it's concatenated nouns. (E.g. "Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän" vs. "Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitänspat ent" :-)

                              Addition: Allow a controlled vocabulary with a predefined list of keywords supplied by the user. (I have tons of typos in my master keyword lists.)
                              Last edited by Emil; 02-27-2016, 04:51 PM.