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Duplicate IPTC keywords in ACDSee Pro V9 database after upgrade from ACDSee Pro V7

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  • Duplicate IPTC keywords in ACDSee Pro V9 database after upgrade from ACDSee Pro V7

    Hello all,

    I recently upgraded from ACDSee Pro V7 to V9. Only one issue has arisen from the upgrade... ALL the IPTC keywords have been duplicated :-( Is there a way the duplicates can easily be removed?

    The host machine has the following key components:

    Windows 7 Ulitmate
    Intel i7 Hexcaore
    32GB RAM
    500GB SSD Primary
    3TB secondary HDs for image library, etc.
    nVidia 770

    Thoughts and ideas welcome

    Thank you


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    No easy way that I know of. This is a conversion problem it seems. What you could try is to go back to v7, back up the database then optimize it fully. Then delete your new v9 database and re-import. The database is in C:users\yourname\local\ACDSee - something like that - I'm not at a computer where I can see the full path right now.

    (There have been problems with random duplicate IPTC keywords in v7 and 8 but these are solved as far as I can tell in v9.)


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      Hmmm! Off the top of my head, you might try searching for all the images for a duplicated keyword, and then select them. THEN go to the keyword entry area and DE assign that particular keyword from those photos. I'm thinking, at that point, you ought to be able to delete the duplicated keyword, and then re-assign the keyword to those photos.

      The 'gotcha' i'm concerned about, is that ACDSee won't let you delete a keyword if it has photos assigned to it. So the flow of work for any keyword deletion regardless of why, would have to be:
      1. unassign the photos from that keyword
      2. delete the keyword
      3. reassign the photos to the appropriate keyword
      ACDSee's excellent batch capabilities should let you do this work reasonably quickly, and I think merely duplicate keywords where a photos is assigned to two identical keywords should be 'relatively' easy to fix. BUT, when things get REALLY messed up it can be difficult to fix. In which case I would suggest select ALL your photos, unassign ALL keywords, then delete ALL keywords, and reassign each photo to the appropriate set of keywords. Not an easy task.


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        I had the same problem when I upgraded from V8 (for the trial period). Optimizing the database fixed it: Tools / Database / Optimize Database / and select both options.