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losing metadata when converting file type

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  • losing metadata when converting file type

    Why do I lose all my meta data when I convert from JPG to BMP or TIFF or PNG? When I import a couple of hundred photos from my camera, I set up most of the meta data, and save it, then embed it.
    But, when I convert them to something other than JPG, I get a notice stating that all the metadata will be lost! Same thing happens when I convert from RAW to anything else.

    Is there anything I can do to get around this?

    Nikon D3100



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    BMP cannot store metadata; it's not in the file format's specification.

    You can save metadata in TIFFs and PNGs. When you export to these formats via File / Export..., select, for example, "TIFF - Tag Image FIle Format" and then scroll down and ensure "Preserve metadata" is checked. I also keep "Preserve database information" checked.

    If that doesn't fix the problem, can you tell us which fields you are entering the data into, and what application you are using to view the metadata.


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      Thanks. I had thought that I had tried to TIFF and PNG before, but, I just tried it again, and it all works.. I had always converted to BMP before, because ALL programs recognize it, but, had never thought about losing the metadata.

      Thanks again


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        Fwiw, there shouldn't be many if any programs that understand BMP but not PNG or TIFF. Certainly not programs designed to work with photographs. BMP is not really meant for photographs as far as I know, more for general graphics. It's certainly not widely used by photographers.


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          Well, clearly, the whole metadata issue is not functioning as well in ACDSee Pro that many of us would like, and it probably needs to be addressed. Is it the single most important problem? I couldn't say that, I've never put my 'druthers into some sort of order. But I can safely say it is at least in the top 5 issues for me.