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  • Changing screen saver

    I'm trying to get ACDSee 19 to create a desktop screensaver on Windows 10, following the instructions here (see link)

    I check the box for default screensaver as per the instructions and click ok. But when I use the Windows dialog for selecting the screen saver, I see the usual suspects (e.g. "3D text") but no ACDSee screen saver is in the list.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.
    Creating a desktop screensaver You can create a desktop screensaver using your own images. You can set the screensaver options to adjust how long each

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    I've struggled with the same issue after recently updating to Windows 10. So far I've found NO way to make the ACDSee screensaver work in Windows 10. As you note the ACDsee xxxx.scr file is not available in the settings option. The only work around is to copy the images for the screensaver into a folder and use the Pictures option in the settings.