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Anyone Using ACDSee Pro on Chromebook?

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  • Anyone Using ACDSee Pro on Chromebook?

    I'm considering replacing my six year old Win 7 PC with a chromebook. Most chromebooks only offer 4GB of RAM (same as my PC) but that seems adequate (barely) to run my copy of ACDSee Pro 9. I have a 1TB external hard drive for my images. What issues might I encounter running Pro 9 on a chromebook? Thanks.

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    I've never used a Chromebook, but I'm pretty sure you won't be able to run ACDsee on it unless you go through a very convoluted process and in the end I'm sure it would perform horribly. Chromebooks are primarily meant for web browsing, and since they don't run Windows, you can't even run a Windows application like ACDsee.


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      A tablet style device that will run all versions of ACDSee very nicely is the Microsoft Surface Pro. I've used my Surface Pro2 running Windows 10 as my notebook replacement for travel all over the world.


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        Well, ACDSee really does need to start supporting Android or Chrome, at least to the point of allowing a tablet/C book to be the 'entry point' into the ACDSee processing environment.

        Raw development and full fledged editing would be great! (See Photo Mate R3). But what about an app that allows a tablet or Chromebook (and mobile Windows devices) to intake photos, manage them, do simple touch up edits and then batch transfer raw files to ACDSee 365 via the internet or to a PC and ACDSee proper via a cable or a LAN?. Yeah, I know that would be slow, but if you batch it, you can run it overnight while sleeping.

        IT wouldn't have to be a full fledged version of ACDSee 20, but a strong subset of features useful to mobile people and some unique features. For instance, it could play MP4 slide shows and the like, post jpgs to social media sites. It could use 365 to tap into the ACDSee Dashboard information which might be stored in 365. (365, by the way, should also be an optional backup location for ACDSee backups)

        I think with the right integration, it could give people a reason to subscribe to ACDSee 365.I've always felt 365 was being under utilized!.Right now, it is a 'me too' sort of online service. It could be the center of a modular ACDSee environment.


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          Thanks for all the suggestions. I must have been dreaming to think a Chromebook and ACDSee could get along with each other. I do like Glen Barrington's suggestions but for now I'll stick with Windoze for my next PC.