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Moving Presets to a new PC. Possible?

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  • Moving Presets to a new PC. Possible?

    I've moved my ACDSee Pro 9 application to a new Windows 10 PC. I understand that presets are saved in the registry. Is there any way to grab them short of writing scripts or code. I am not a coder just an advanced user. Thanks.

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    I'm not a big user of presets, but I know that my Actions were copied successfully from my old PC to the new when I did a database backup of the old ACDSee database, and restore to the new computer.


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      jpmccormac - I rely heavily on my presets. Unfortunately, when you migrate to a new system, you have to do this manually using the Registry program (Regedit.exe). That said, it really is very simple procedure.

      (1.) First step, on your old system, launch Regedit.exe and navigate to this key:
      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ACD Systems\EditLib\Version 1.0\Develop\Presets

      (2.) Next, click File > Export to save all your presets as a .REG file.

      (3.) Then, on your new system, copy in the saved .REG file from step 2.

      (4.) Launch Regedit.exe and run File > Import pointing at the .REG file from step 3. That's it -- your presets are now copied over to your new PC.


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        Thanks, LV_Bill. Your solution sounds simple enough - even for me. I will backup the Registry before attempting any changes.
        Update. It worked. Thanks so much.
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          Wow this still works! Thanks Mr Bill!


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            Originally posted by Parkersspace View Post
            Wow this still works! Thanks Mr Bill!
            That may be the case with older versions, however Pro 2021 has both a dedicated "Export Presets", and a dedicated "Import Presets" function, and the presets are no longer stored in the registry,.
            I'm not sure exactly what version that was introduced in.