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  • Create new gallery for Smugmug

    When trying to upload to Smugmug I am unable to create a gallery in ACDSee Pro. The only way I can upload to a new gallery is if I create one within Smugmug first.

    This doesn't seem correct and I must be missing something. I can type in a new gallery name but the Next button remains greyed out.

    Any ideas? ACDSee problem, Smugmug problem, or User Error?

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    Hi Larry. When you say create a new gallery do you mean create a new album? When I type a new album name beside "Create new album" I don't have that issue ("next" button is available). Are you using ACDsee Pro 8.0?


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      I have the same problem in ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021. Next button greys out as soon as I select "Create new Gallery:" radio button. Nothing I can do or fill in enables it. Yes, I already have a SmugMug account. Yes, I authorized ACDsee to access it. Yes, I am logged in.

      This needs to be addressed. It is clearly a bug.
      Last edited by Satch; 10-21-2020, 08:28 AM.


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        Tried this today. Was able to create one new gallery but no luck creating a second gallery in the same folder. Button greyed out.


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          Same thing here.
          I can upload to an existing gallery, but not create one.
          Using Photo Home Studio 2021 and have a SmugMug account already.