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I have pro9... it won't open... frozen? crashed?

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  • I have pro9... it won't open... frozen? crashed?

    I LOVE the program, however, it won't let me open it - I can, occasionally, view one picture if I double click on the picture. I cannot open the program and use it. "System error... ACDSee will shut down."

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    If you haven't rebooted the Operating system since this occurred, reboot it now and see if it fixes the issue. I have found this to fix MANY issues with ALL sorts of software running under Windows. Especially so with Win 10. I've found Win 10 just doesn't like to go more than a couple of days without a reboot. I'm not sure why. This also goes for any version of Windows, just win 10 in spades.

    Then I would uninstall ACDSee (don't worry, your database and edits will be safe - but if you haven't done a backup in a while do it, even if you can't use the ACDSee Back-up utility With computers, paranoia is a highly valued survival skill.)
    After that, I'd contact ACDSee Tech support and get a service ticket started:

    They'll probably ask you to do all that stuff all over again, but humor them.they need to know exactly what you did and how you did it.
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      I wonder.... Is it possible to run database maintenance without opening the ACDSee GUI?

      ​(I've seen type of thing help other dB-based applications.


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        Thank you! The only thing I haven't done is uninstall and reinstall... heading there now.


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          Seems to be working - went into compability mode by going through view and changing some things...changed the default folder... hopefully!! Thank you, James from tech!