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ALT + C freezes ACDsee

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  • ALT + C freezes ACDsee

    This happens on different versions of ACDsee (ACDSee.Pro.v6.3.221, Pro 8.1, Pro.v10.3.675 ...). Pressing ALT + C (moving - ALT + M too) keys - copying files to a folder - the program freezes for 30 seconds, even if the file is not copied by click Cancel. The files is copes normaly.
    At this time, other programs on the computer are working fine.
    When copying a file through CTRL + C, there is no problem.
    On another PC the same pvertion of program works properly.
    System information- Windows 10 pro.
    Anti-Virus - 360 Total security.
    A month ago everything worked well. Probably, after updating windows changed what settings are safe.
    Can anybody help me to solv this problem?
    Last edited by pp2003; 09-28-2017, 11:19 AM.

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    I have tried (Alt+C and Alt+M). No problem. The file is copied or moved. (Acdsee Pro 10, French version, AND Acdsee 2018, english trial version). Windows 10 Pro.

    Alaric (French)


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      It's solved.


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        pp2003, how did you solve it? I've got the same problem.