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  • Manage --> View Often crashes

    This is getting really irritating. Very often, when in Manage mode, if I double click to open a file so I can view it, the program crashes and I have to restart it and go back and find the folder I was in if it wasn't one I had closed in before. This has happened with jpg, tiff, psd, and other images.

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    In my case, instability is directly related to "database maintenance" and "database optimization". I no longer go longer than 2-weeks without database optimization/maintenance. Of course, the depends how much use the program gets.

    ​If you haven't already, it may be worth trying
    ​Tools Database > optimize
    ​Tools Database > Maintenance

    ​Of course, stability could be related to many other things, but I like to remove database issues from the start.

    ​There are things that can foul up the database faster. For instance, it is important to ALWAYS use ACDSee to manage file moves/copies within the directories ACDSee is used. Using other tools (even Windows Explorer) leaves orphan entries in the database. Some reason AC does not play well with orphan entries.


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      Thanks, will give it a try and report back.


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        OK, have been trying different things today with no luck. I tried optimizing the data base and it didn't help. I tried the Database Maintenance operation and it has been sitting there for over 1/2 hour with the message at the bottom that it is, "collecting and summarizing database information..." and nothing has happened. Should it take this long?
        It shows the database as 291MB, Thumbnails cache 3.2 GB, and Total DB as 3.2 GB
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          Let it run... It can take a few hours.
          ​After maintenance is run, take a look at the resulting tree in the "database content" field and make sure to remove locations where acdc doesn't need to scan (at least, that Is what I do)


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            Yes, it took several hours. I found there were several old unmounted drives still in the db so I deleted them. I now have it all cleaned up and I re-ran the DB optimization and backed it up. The DB is now 143MB (down from 291MB) and the thumbs cache is 2.4BG (down from 3.2GB) Total is 2.5GB (down from 3.2BG)

            I still have the same problem though and it seems to happen only when I first start ACDSee and then double click to open an image to view it. If I click on the view tab instead, it opens up OK. At least so far, I'll see how it goes.
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              Are you using an external drive to store the photos? Some drives power down when idle and take a few seconds to come back, and ACDSee doesn't have the patience to wait. I've learned to open a File Explorer window on the drive to wake it up if it's been a while since ACDSee has looked at the drive (note that it doesn't need to do that to display database or thumbnails). With that precaution, it's been a long time since I had trouble, so I'm unsure of the exact trouble mode (crash/error message).


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                My problem was solved by optimizing database, thank you..

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